Gegee Ayurzana

(b. 1998, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)

Mark-making is inherent in my practice as it captures both the conscious and subconscious expression, movement, and moment that will never occur again. I use painterly scribbles as my primary visual tool to invite the viewers to trace and directly connect with the painting and the artist's subconscious state. Therefore, my practice questions the nature of creativity, the world of the incomprehensible, and the inevitable human desire to comprehend and define everything we see.


2017-2021 BA Fine Arts. Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.

2018-2021 BA Arts, Media, and Society. Leiden University.


“Selected Works of Young Emerging Artists”, group exhibition, Glamour art gallery, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, 2016.

“Deep Fried”, group exhibition, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, The Netherlands. 2018.

“Humanity Matters: Leiden University 444th anniversary”, group exhibition, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2019.

“A Finger in Every Pie”, group exhibition, Susan Bites, the Hague, the Netherlands. 2020.

"Sweaty", online group exhibition, e-isle. 2021.